8 Stone Cold Steve Austin Moments That Were Simply Spectacular

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Stone Cold Steve Austin Moments

Stone Cold Steve Austin moments were something to cherish growing up in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. He forever owns this date, March 16th.

Delvin Knows.

Again, I tell people all the time if ya missed out that is completely on you.

Whatever you were watching must have been fantastic and breathtaking because this shit was just that.

greatest entrance in the world

Stone Cold taught us how to:

  • hate ya boss and show it.
  • be a fucking bad ass common man.
  • drink beer in volume.
  • flip people off effortlessly.
  • walk like ya mean it.
  • stunner somebody.

& much more, he’s a true man’s man.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Moments To Remember

Nobody made more memorable moments than the rattlesnake. Here goes eight of the most memorable ones for mayo.

Austin Rolls Up On WCW

This is still the one that gives me the most stone cold fucking vibes in the world. It may be my favorite clip outta all of em. Steve rolls up in a late 90’s body style Ford with a pool stick ready to open a can of whoop ass.

Stone Cold vs. The World

Price Check?!

Austin and Booker T made beautiful fucking content in a grocery store on Smackdown in 2001. This is when WWE was at it’s best with creativity and letting the talent do entertaining shit. Booker T and Stone Cold couldn’t have done this grocery store brawl any better.

“You Got Milk Book?”

Austin Beer Bath

Take it back to 1999 when WWF was the best fucking product on television. Gimme WWF twenty lifetimes in a row over WWE. Something about this time just makes me wanna fucking cry man. Shit was sooooooooo gold and so hard not to fucking love. Austin, a common man…shows up and gives the boss and his douchebag friends a beer bath to remember.


Take ya little glasses off so I can see ya little eyeballs son!

Stone Cold First Day On Job

Staying in 1999, the greatest era of wrestling, Austin walking into WWF headquarters for his first day on the job.

“Yeah, who the hell is this?”

LOL, fucking comedy.

1st Stunner On McMahon

Stone Cold really won the entire WWF audience over when he put his hands on McMahon the first time in 1997. Up until then, nobody had ever told Vince to go fuck himself. Seeing a common man give the royal fuck you to the boss in the late 90’s was a vibe.

“Hell, you can kiss my ass.”

First ever stunner on Vince.

You Like That Car?

That stunner in 1997 sparked years of fuckery that Vince endured via Stone Cold Steve Austin. The rattlesnake went after his favorite car in 1998 on Monday Night Raw. Again, listen to the mic work…

This shit is believable as fuck.

Monday Night Raw

“How bout you doctor?”

It’s the fucking pot to the head for me. The writing for these scenes was nothing short of genius. Stone Cold pops outta nowhere to continue destroying Vince McMahon’s life.

Monday Night Raw

Austin ECW Promo

Before Stone Cold was in WWF he was with Paul Heyman over at ECW cutting promos and lemme tell ya, my guy cut one authentic fucking promo. Heyman saw greatness before anybody did and saw it in a long blonde haired Steve Austin.

Austin in ECW cutting promos.

The greatness never ends. It lives through us forever. Happy 3:16 Day.


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