EA Sports Is Down To Do Another Fight Night And That’s Tight

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Another Fight Night In The Makings

EA Sports announced that their project codenamed ‘Moneyball’, which is really just another Fight Night…has been put in production. That should really wake the ones who called their buddies over to the house 15-20 years ago just to whoop that ass in fight night.

Fight Night Champion (2011)

The greatest sports combat game of all-time as UFC has not even come close in the video game market. Some would say it is the best fucking sports game in the last 20 years, period.

Another Fight Night on the burners.

Note This

The project is currently on pause to exceed expectations for the upcoming UFC 5 game. Once UFC 5 releases late next fucking year, then EA will direct their focus to Fight Night. Nothing else is really known about it other than it has that stupid code name and it will happen.

I don’t think these dudes ever really missed on a boxing game and 2021 should bring the very fucking best. The only problem that still hasn’t been fixed in combat and sports games is the lag when facing an opponent online. I’ve had the best and worst connections and never have played a combat sports game where the fucking lag didn’t factor in. Can’t miss a second in boxing even when it’s just a video game. I doubt that’ll ever get fixed and that leaves me to play the career mode which is usually fight till ya old as fucking balls. Something has to give in the new one.

Storylines, All That

EA Sports has their work cut out for em when making a 2021 boxing game, but they have ton of opportunity at the same time if they stay creative and utilize the big names in boxing. I think they get it.

Fight Night Champion KO Montage

I’ll be the first mothafucka to buy this video game and invite somebody over to get his face busted in. Fighting and Soccer games are the most high adrenaline video games you’ll ever play.

head to Midas on Canal street!


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