List Of Louisiana Talent Actively On Them Beans

Behold my list of Louisiana talent currently and obviously on them beans. Before we get started, I do want to mention there has already been some controversy to this list on twitter. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect it. However, since we do have emotions pouring I would like to mention… Disclaimer: this is my […]

RB&R Day 131: Deep In Kenner At Mia’s Eatery

Took my tastebuds deep into the heart of Kenner on RB&R Day 131. The deepest you’ll ever go in Kenner. But, ya do it for the beans. Vibes were down for a couple reasons… The Saints loss again Weather was grey and depressing Both can factor into a shitty Monday if you let it happen. […]

RB&R Day 130: Cashed Out At Comeback Inn

We can start with tragedy first on RB&R Day 130. By tragedy, I mean Danny & Clydes gas station when it comes to tradition. One of the most nostalgic and well known gas stations in the state of Louisiana. These mfers push shrimp poboys out like they possessed. I said fuck it, let’s see what […]

RB&R Day: The Last Four Tradition Stops

The last four tradition grabs on RB&R Day have been impactful. No shortage of food on the plate at any of these places. Everybody better on the beans. Let’s get right into this mfer. RB&R Day 126 Kenner Seafood was the selection. Ya know, Kenner is home of the most construction (olympic level building going […]

Billy McFarland Working On Another Fest For The People

Billy McFarland just served four years in the pin, but that only means Billy had four years to sit on his ass and develop a new catastrophe of a festival. Just seven short months after being released, Billy has a new plan that is “a little crazier, but a whole lot bigger than anything he’s […]

RB&R Day 125: Refs Would Never

RB&R Day 125

Three straight L’s lead us to another W on RB&R Day 125. No flags thrown on this tradition, the only yellow you gonna see is cornbread baby. Idc if ya just got outta prison, Red Beans gonna make you feel like ya never went. It’s the ultimate recoup meal on a Monday. Harahan Harahan is […]

RB&R Day 124: We Don’t Lose On This Tradition

RB&R Day 124

It’s RB&R Day 124 and we better on the beans. Idk what the Saints been eating on Monday, but it’s time to take this tradition to the heart. We better on the beans. Not gonna get better eating Chipotle. I ain’t asking nobody to eat a street possum. We just gotta do better. Speaking of […]

RB&R Day 123: Fried Chicken & Red Beans

All we got is red beans after a Saints loss and that’s why I took my sad ass straight to Chubbie’s Chicken on RB&R Day 123. If ya wanna catch some peace and clarity sometimes you gotta go to the Westbank. Home of the most empty parking lots and uncertain businesses. It look like a […]

Last 11 Mondays On RB&R Day

Since I haven’t blogged about RB&R Day in over 2 months, I’ve decided to grow some balls and get back on track writing blogs nobody will fucking read ever. There was a time where I blogged like somebody had a pistol to my head, hungry enough to eat an egg roll out a crackheads pocket. […]

The New Orleans Attorney Charity Boxing Event, Power Rankings

No better time to be a New Orleans attorney than right now heading into football season. The spotlight is on ya like no other time throughout the year. You better have a spot in the TV commercial rotation or you better off just shutting the whole operation down. It’s like a fish swimming with a […]