RB&R Day 79: Get To The East And Get There As Fast As Ya Can

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RB&R Day 79

Gotta find the value on RB&R Day 79 and the good lord blessed us with an abundance of value. I’m tired of folks saying the East sucks, it doesn’t. Yeah, it looks like a fucking bomb went off out there.

Always asking the locals on Twitter

However, when the bomb went off the food blew up too. Ima just go on record and say that this is the some of the best food on the globe and the greatest value in the state. Keep in mind, folks are still marking up tradition.

Exhibit A:

$24 for tradition.

Not trying to be disrespectful, but trying to inform the common folks of heavy mark up on such a traditional dish. Nothing on Monday is worth $24 for lunch, especially this iconic plate in New Orleans.

If Two Sistas In Da East can sell me this for $15 less?

RB&R Day 79
Two Sistas In Da East

Then what the fuck we doing?

Took my traditional ass to New Orleans East to catch a whole vibe on RB&R Day 79. Flawless experience it was over at Two Sistas.

RB&R Day 79

Great folks, hardworking folks and you can feel the passion right when ya walk in the joint. Variety that’ll make ya wanna stay for dinner. I cannot wait to go back and eat something else on their menu.

FOR $9

You get:

  • A MOUNTAIN of RB&R with idk even know how many gigantic pieces of smoke sausage.
  • Potato Salad
  • Cornbread (TOP NOTCH)

Add $4 and get:

  • A house size piece of chocolate cake.

This plate is still in my fridge as I’m petrified to even go at it again. It’s intimidating when it comes to quantity compared to value. Unreal value with this plate of tradition. HOT AS THE DEVIL’S POCKETS right out the gate when ya take ya first bite. This is a premium RB&R experience.

Two Sistas In Da East – Mayo Approved

Holder Subs

How about some holder tradition? Each and every Monday I encourage locals to tag me on Twitter/Insta with their tradition.

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