Undertaker Wishes Roman Reigns Broke His Streak At Mania?

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Undertaker wishes Roman Reigns Broke His Streak

It isn’t often that you hear shit about the Undertaker wishes this and that were different about the past. He was literally there for every good moment you could bring up from the 90’s and 2000’s in WWE. If anyone in the history of wrestling shouldn’t regret a thing, it’s taker.


Turns out Undertaker does wish one thing could have went a different way and it may puzzle some nostalgic wrestling fans. Undertaker recently said that he wishes Roman Reigns, not Brock Lesnar, would have been the one to break his iconic WrestleMania win streak.

Taker on the streak breaking in 2014

Lesnar shocked the entire world in 2014 (New Orleans) when the referee actually got to a three count with Takers shoulders pinned to the mat. Nobody fucking believed what they were witnessing and it will be forever remembered as the most shocking fucking moment in WrestleMania history.

People even speculated that Undertaker was concussed (which he was) and that Brock took advantage. Obviously, that was not the case and this was planned by Vince after what seems like a ton of thought. Six years later, Undertaker wishes otherwise…

Roman Reigns

However, I’ll never be on board with the Roman Reigns party. Especially in 2014 when he would’ve had no business breaking the streak or even in 2018. Doesn’t matter, Lesnar was a better draw and will forever be a better draw than Roman Reigns. Nothing against him personally, but it’s a business of what sells to fans and Lesnar always has done that. Remember Lesnar’s run in 2003 when he just entered the WWE?

Heyman is wise, listen to him.

Reigns couldn’t pull that off. It’s an appearance factor, along with Lesnar is just better on the mic. He’s cocky and believable as a fucking asshole. Sells a chokeslam better, all of it.

Reigns isn’t believable in anything on the mic, he’s lost. Not his fault, but more so the piss poor writers that the WWE refuse to get away from. These dudes sound like fucking kids on the microphone. The era Roman has had to come up through doesn’t help.

I respect the fuck outta all three:

  • Undertaker
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Roman Reigns

They all play such a big part in WWE history, but it’s literally in that order with nobody even coming close to the impact Undertaker had on the product overall. We grew up on the best days.

I’ll never forget running to the fucking bathroom before Undertaker came out at the UNO Lakefront Arena as a kid. I just couldn’t fucking handle how scary this man really was in the 90’s. Fucking legend.

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